Class Descriptions

Tumble Tots (18 months- 3 years)

This 30 minute class will be a great introduction to tumbling/gymnastics.  Students will learn to stretch their muscles in preparation for flexibility training, learn to overcome the fear of going “over their head” with instructor led somersaults, hand stands, bridges and more.  Instructors will treat students on an individual basis when it comes to spotting and progressing them in their skills.  Safety is always first so a student assistant is usually present to assist the other children while the lead instructor spots the children on the mat.  Great way for kids to start exploring how their bodies move and stretch while developing coordination.

Creative Movement (18 months- 3 years)

This 30 minute class will allow children to enter into the dance classroom setting by themselves for the first time. The teacher will use songs, props and games to allow the children to explore movement. These classes allow for independence to be reached in a safe and nurturing environment all while increasing coordination and social awareness.

Mommy & Me (18 months- 3 years)

This 30 minute class will allow children to enter into the dance classroom setting with an adult. This is a great introduction to our Creative Movement and Tumble Tots classes if the child is not quite ready to be separated from parent/adult.  The teacher will use songs, props and games to allow the children to explore movement with their partner. Partners should be ready to fully participate in the fun so the child learns to model that behavior in preparation to enter class independently in the future.  This is a great way for new parents to make friends and meet new people in their community as well!


Ballet is the foundation of all dance genres and is strongly recommended for all beginning dancers. Ballet will give the student a basic dance vocabulary as well as offer core strength, balance and technique basics.

Classes offered:

  • Tap/Ballet (ages 3-6 yrs)
  • Intro Ballet (5-8 yrs)
  • Ballet L1 (8-12 yrs +/-)
  • Ballet L2 (12-15 yrs +/-)
  • Pre-Pointe (must have at least 1 year of ballet training with SDC OR evaluated upon enrollment)
  • Ballet L3 (15-18 years +/-: will train en pointe at this level)


Tap is a syncopated type of dance that allows students to increase coordination, develop motor skills and enhance rhythm.

Classes offered:

  • Tap/Ballet 3-6 yrs
  • Intro Tap 5-8 yrs
  • Tap L1/2 9 & up


Jazz is a fun and energetic style of dance that has become one of the most popular dance genres. Jazz consists of leaps, turns and fancy footwork accompanied by the dancer’s individual interpretation.  Jazz curriculum has a strong ballet foundation of technique mixed with traditional jazz movements that consist of warm-up, stretches, isolations, across the floor progressions and combinations. Students will explore various styles of jazz including Broadway, Funk, Contemporary and Street.  All styles offer different history and background that will help the student become a more well-rounded dancer.

Classes offered:

  • Intro Jazz 5-8 yrs.
  • Jazz L1 (9-13 yrs +/-)
  • Jazz L2 (14-18 yrs +/-)
  • Intro Jazz/Hip-Hop 5-8 yrs


Cheer/Tumbling incorporates basic cheer movement, basic tumbling techniques, jumps and skills accompanied with the element of dance and cheerleading.  Students will become stronger, more flexible and knowledgeable about how to incorporate dance with cheerleading and tumbling.  All elements of this class will be age appropriate and at the proper skill level to ensure the safety of all students.

Classes offered:

  • Cheer/Tumbling 3-8 yrs old

Dance Acro

Dance Acro is centered on fundamental dance acrobatic techniques to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline and confidence.  Classes focus on proper hand placement and body alignment with an emphasis on the muscles and flexibility required to perform proper technique.  Students will learn such skills as handstands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, aerials, balance and more!

Classes offered:

  • Intro Acro 5-8
  • Acro L1 (9 & up)


Hip-Hop has become a main stream style that has exploded over the past decade. This style incorporates body isolations and intense movement that will get your heart racing.  Students will be encouraged to step outside their box and add and personality to the movements.  All music and movement is clean, conservative and appropriate for all ages.

Classes offered:

  • Intro Hip-Hop 5-8 yrs.
  • Hip-Hop L1/2


Lyrical is an expressive form of dance that combines ballet technique with a contemporary flair allowing the performer to emotionally portray their feelings through the movement and music.

Classes offered:

  • Intro Lyrical 5-8 yrs.
  • Lyrical L1/2

Drill Team Prep

Drill team is a staple in Texas that has roots beyond what anyone can imagine. Drill team prep class is great for middle school and high school girls that are looking to try out for their school’s squad. This class works on flexibility, endurance and performance and aids in being prepared for auditions.

Technique & Tone

Technique classes focus on turns, leaps and jumps. This class teaches the proper way to execute these particular advanced movements and provides insight on how to master them. It also allows the dancer to tone the areas of the body that will be used when performing these technical elements.

Classes offered:

  • Technique & Tone Beg/Int
  • Technique & Tone Int/Adv

Adult Dance

Dust off the dance shoes or buy some new ones and join this fun class for adults!  Students will vary in ages and levels as we welcome anyone and everyone.  This class will cover a variety of dance styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and more!  We mainly focus on stretching, conditioning, learning and exploring new skills and combinations while forming new friendships and enjoying fellowship with one another.  Two things are for sure-you will get some great exercise and have a blast!


This modern class will incorporate many of the foundations of modern dance technique, including suspension and release, fall and recovery, the use of momentum and connecting breath with movement. Dancers will explore new ways of moving in combinations, floor work and partnering, and also in various methods of improvisation.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater class will focus on learning proper dance technique while exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with Broadway style jazz movement and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations. Emphasis will also be placed on learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.

Classes offered:

  • Intro Musical Theater 5-8 yrs.
  • Musical Theater L1


Choreography class is a NEW offering for summer and fall!  In this class students will learn the process of creating choreography from beginning to end.  They will learn to map music, count music, select music, elements of choreography, how to develop a concept or theme in their choreography, how to put the pieces together with transitions and end with a completed piece they have created from scratch.  They will then have the opportunity to teach their piece to their peers and see it come to life with an end performance showcase.  Such valuable skills for those aspiring artists!  This class is for ages 8 & up.

Dance Team

Dance Team is our SDC performance group.  They will perform in various community events in the Denton & Wise County areas.  Dance Team students are required to take the Dance Team class and one other class of choice.  This is a great opportunity for those students who would like to perform more throughout the year.

Shadow Dancer Company

Shadow Dancer Company is our competition team.  Students are divided into teams to compete and perform throughout the year.  Company members also attend community performances, do service projects and attend conventions and masters classes.  Students are required to audition for this in the Spring and if they make the team they will then be required to attend certain summer and fall classes to learn choreography and improve skills.  This is a time and financial year long commitment so a parent meeting is held before auditions each year.  Company is open to current and new students ages 4-18.  Please contact us if you are interested in getting more information.

Class Level Information

Pre-School: 18 months-3 years

Young Dancers: 3-6 years

Intro Dancers: 5-8 years

Level 1: ages 9-13 years

Level 2: ages 13-18 years

*Placement in leveled classes will look at the age of the student and the overall experience and ability of the dancer. When a new student joins SDC, we are here to help you find the right fit for your student by evaluating or talking to you about previous dance experience.  Ages are a general guide and are not set in stone.  Please contact us if you wish