Policies & Procedures: 

Waiver & Release: 2020-2021

Release of Liability
I understand and recognize the risk of physical injury inherent in dance and dance performances and I am willing to assume those risks. I agree that I will not hold Silhouette Dance Company, its directors or employees liable for injuries sustained while in attendance and/or participating in any dance activity at Silhouette Dance Company or any activity involving Silhouette Dance Company i.e. recital dress rehearsals, recital performances, community performances, conventions and competitions.

A non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of enrollment for every student. The fee is $40 per student and $20 for each additional sibling. It is understood that enrollment is from August 2020 to June 2021 (whenever recital takes place-TBA).

The first month’s tuition will also be due at time of enrollment for classes. There is a two month minimum for all dance lessons.

Tuition is automatically debited from your checking account, debit or credit card on the 1st of each month. A $25 late fee will be assessed after the 3rd of the month.  MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards are accepted. All accounts must have a card on file. Silhouette Dance Company is authorized to charge your account the $25 NSF fee should there be insufficient funds.
There is a 10% tuition discount when tuition is paid by the semester. (August to December and January to June).

Delinquent accounts will be turned over to an outside collection agency if the account holder fails to make satisfactory payment arrangements with SDC. An account is considered delinquent once it is two months past due. No student will be allowed to continue classes if the account is two months past due or prior payment arrangements haven’t been made.

There are NO REFUNDS for any reason including Registration Fees, Tuition, Costume Fees or Recital Fees.

There is a TWO month minimum for all dance lessons. 30 days notice BEFORE the first of the month is required to discontinue classes. To withdraw from classes, the parent must email the Director at ashley@silhouettedancecompany.com and receive a confirmation in order to ensure automatic debit will discontinue.  Withdraw MUST be submitted in writing-phone calls, leaving a voicemail or saying it in person are NOT proper withdraw notices.

If you decide to take a leave of absence during the dance year you will need to notify the Director via email (ashley@silhouettedancecompany.com).  If you would like to keep your place in class, you can freeze your account by paying 60% of your tuition cost for each month you are out OR you may unenroll completely in which all registration fees will apply when you return to re-enroll.  If you wish to unenroll you must be sure to give the 30 days notice before the 1st of the month or else the next month will be charged via auto draft. 

Non Refundable Fees Auto Drafted Performance Fees
It is assumed that ALL STUDENTS will perform in all performances when enrolled and all non-refundable fees associated with the performances are auto drafted.  There will be 1 performance this year, the annual end of year recital.

We must receive email notification by October 1st, 2020 (Annual Recital) that your dancer is not participating in order to ensure costume and recital fees are not charged. Dancers who enroll after October 1st, must notify us at time of enrollment. 

There are two, non-refundable fees associated with the ANNUAL RECITAL: Costumes and Recital Fee. 

The Annual Recital costume fees will be auto drafted in 2 installments; October 15 & November 15. Costumes range from $65-$80 each and include all accessories and a brand new pair of tights. The Recital Fee will be auto drafted February 15th, 2021. The Recital Fee is $90 per family and helps cover the cost of the production (theatre rental, backdrop, keepsake programs, etc.) so the show will be free for your family and friends to attend. 

Attendance/Make-up Policy & COVID Clause
Regular attendance is the student’s and parent’s responsibility and is extremely important for dancers to learn and review steps and combinations with their class. Excessive absences may hinder their progress and necessitate a change in class level. 
In the spring, once students have begun learning their recital dances, no more than 4 absences will be allowed otherwise student may be required to attend and pay for private lessons in order to perform in the routine.

Students are always welcome to take a make-up lesson within a similar class level. Simply check the schedule online, find the class that works best for you, and inform the studio via email when your dancer plans to attend the make-up class. 

We take the health and wellness of our families and staff very seriously.  Safety protocols are in place and will be enforced at this time.   If government restrictions require SDC to stop face to face instruction at any point in the season, we will immediately move to online learning via Zoom.  It is expected that all SDC students will be willing to make the switch and keep their commitments to their class(es).  We know it is not easy, but these are the times we are facing right now.  If internet is an issue, we can always work with you to figure out another way.  If students are ill or are self-quarantining, we will provide an online option on a case by case request.   There will not be refunds for students not attending class due to illness and/or if government restrictions are placed on our business and our withdraw policy (30 day notice befo re the 1st) will remain in effect. 

Dress Code
See separate Dress Code Document or our website for dress code guidelines.  All students must dress according to their required dress code for that particular class.  Failure to do so will result in possible loss of class time or removal from class.

Studio Policies
1. Please inform the office if your child must enter class late, leave early or will be picked up by someone other than yourself. We would appreciate a phone call or email if your child will be absent from class. 
2. No gum, food, drinks or street shoes are allowed in the studio.
3. Appropriate and courteous behavior is expected from students, parents, visitors and staff.
4. Students are to remain inside the building while waiting to be picked up after lessons.
5. We reserve the right to dismiss, suspend or expel any person who is in violation of studio policies or any other reason deemed reasonable by the owner. 
6. No children (students not already in class, siblings or visitors) may be left unattended at any time.

Photo Release
I understand that photos of my child(ren) taken in dance class, dance camp, picture day and/or performances may be used in promotional advertising including printed brochures, newspaper advertisements, social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the Silhouette Dance Company website.

Signature Text
Whether I registered online, over the phone or in person, I have read, understand and accept the policies and procedures of Silhouette Dance Company, LLC.